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Anchors Course:
This is a full encompassing class on setting belay anchors and for top-rope climbing. We start the class with a brief history of climbing protection and go to what kind of gear is currently used today.

This hands-on class teaches the standard knots used for tying webbing, cordelettes, and the proper use of carabiners for setting anchors. You will get to construct anchors using the natural features of the cliff, and learn how to properly place passive protection and camming devices.
This course is a great place to begin if you are ready to take the next step in rock climbing. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to set up your own anchors.

This course is modeled after the Anchors Course taught by the  AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association).
Requirements: Harness, approach shoes. 

Minimum of 4 climbers. 
Course length: 5-6 hrs.                                                Cost: $375.00 per person
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